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Local Moving:

Local Moves are moves that are traveling less than 50 miles.  Whether you are moving a 500 square ft apartment or a 4,000+ square ft home we will cater our services to fit any size move.  Each move starts with floor runners being placed, door jam protectors attached, cloth furniture being stretch wrapped and wood furniture being blanket wrapped. 

There are 3 estimate types that your mover can give you.

 1.  Binding Estimate. - Guaranteed FLAT RATE cost for services listed in the estimate

 2.  Not to Exceed Estimate - Your cost are guaranteed not to exceed the estimated cost for services listed in the estimate.

 3.  Non Binding Estimate -  Your cost will be determined by the actual number of hours worked. Most commonly a non binding estimate will be given to customers who have not allocated enough time to schedule an in home visual survey prior to their relocation date.  Non binding estimates are issued when there are too many variables for us to give a flat rate quote.

2 hour minimum and a $100 travel to origin charge does apply

All hourly work is guaranteed to be completed timely and efficiently. HHG Movers will not cut corners to complete the task faster. Without seeing your home or having an Inventory form filled out before quoting we cannot guarantee how long the task at hand will take, but you are guaranteed to have professional, quick and efficient service that you are 100% happy with.    

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